May 2015 Events Booked

May 2nd 2015
11-1pm Disney Princess Palace

2-6pm Munday Combo #1

3-5pm Gigantic Yellow W/pool

5-7pm Mega Birthday Cake

May 3rd 2015
2-5pm Disney Princess Palace

3-5pm Gigantic Yellow W/ Pool

May 7th 2015

6-8pm Sports/Ladybug 7 Element/Gigantic O'courses Bowie Elementary PicNic

May 8th 2015
8am-1pm Albany Combo #1ResourceCare

May 9th 2015
10-12pm Combo #1/Mega Birthday Cake

1230-230pm 7 Element O'course

1-3pm Combo #2

2-530 Aspermont Ocean Blue Slide w/pool

4-8pm Toddler Maze/Combo #2

May 15th 2015
8-11am 7 Element O'courseSt. Johns Episcopal

May.16 2015 Fully Booked
1-3pm Gigantic Yellow Slide Dry ActionZone

2-4pm Combo #1 

230-430pm 7 Element O'course

4-830pm Coleman Combo #2

5-7pm Mega Monkeys' Jungle

530-930pm Gigantic Slip N Slide

May.17 2015
1-3pm Clyde Combo #2

2-5pm Gigantic Yellow w/pool wet 

May.18 2015
1-4pmAlbany Gigantic Slip n Slide 
Matthews Memorial Press Church

May.20th 2015
10-12pmBuffalo Gap7 Element/Gigantic Slip N Slide Presbyterian Encampment

May.21st 2015

10-12pm Buffalo Gap  Ocean Blue w/pool
Presbyterian Encampment

10-2pm Buffalo Gap  7 Element O'course
Presbyterian Encampment

12-2pm Buffalo Gap Gigantic Slip N Slide
Presbyterian Encampment

May.22nd 2015
930am-130pm Anson Gigantic Yellow Wet 
Anson Booster

12-2pm Buffalo Gap Gigantic Slip N Slide
Presbyterian Encampment

430-7pmMerkel 7 Element O'course

May.23rd 2015

3-6pm Combo #1 TMI

May.24th 2015
3-5pm Gigantic Yellow Slide w/pool

May.25th 2015
1-3pmEulaSumo Suits Eula Elementary 

May.26th 2015
Equipment Maintenance

May.27th 2015
845-1145am Lawn Combo #2 Lawn Elementary

6-8pm Trent Gigantic Yellow Slide w/pool Trent Baptist Church

May.29th 2015
930-1130pm Roby Gigantic Slip N Slide/Mega Monkey Jungle HUB Christian Youth Center

3-5am Eula ISD Sumo Suits First Church Of The Nazarene

May.30th 2015
10-2pm Gigantic Yellow w/pool

1-5pm Gigantic Slip N Slide

130-330pm Combo #1 

430-730pm Combo #2 

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