April 2015 Events Booked

Apr.2nd 2015
6-8pm  BigI Dry/Triceratops/Generator Wisteria Place

Apr.4th 2015

10-1pm 7 element/ Gigantic O'course/Gigantic Yellow Slide Dry New Hope Church

1-4pm Tuscola Combo #2

2-5pm Mega Birthday Cake

4-6pm Jane Long Elem. Joust Arena/Rainbow Bouncer/Monkey/7 Element Foutain Gate

5-8pm Hamlin Combo #1

Apr.5th 2015
130-430pm Tuscola Combo #2

2-6pm 7 Element O'course Cancelled due to Misleading Information!

230-530pm Disney Princess Palace

3-5pm Gigantic O'course

330-630pm Combo #1

Apr.9th 2015
530-730pmTuscola Disney Princess Palace

Apr.11th 2015

1-3pm Combo #1

130-330pm Disney Princess Palace

3-5pm Mega Ladybug

330-630pm Combo #2

430-830pm Toddler Lions Den

Apr.12th 2015
2-4pm Toddler Train

3-7pm Disney Princess Palace

Apr.17th 2015
430-730pm Clyde Combo #1

5-7pm Mega Birthday Cake

530-730pm Anson Disney Princess Palace

Apr.18th 2015
12-2pm Mega Sports

1-4pm Disney Princess Palace

2-6pm Mega Birthday Cake

230-530pm Albany Gigantic Yellow Slide Dry

3-5pm Gigantic O'course

330-530pm AnsonMega Monkeys Jungle

430-630pm Mega Triceratops

6-10pm Combo #1

Apr.20th 2015
430-730pm Sports/Triceratops ACU

Apr.21st 2015
10-1pm 7 Element O'course/Joust HSU

Apr.24th 2015 Canceled due to Safety Risk.
4-7pm Sweetwater Mega Sports

Apr.25th 2015 No More Events.
12-2pmLake Fort Phantom Combo #2

1-3pm Combo #1

2-4pm Big I Dry/Mega Birthday Cake

Apr.26th 2015
1-3pm Combo #1

130-330pm Monkeys Jungle 

2-5pm Gigantic Yellow W/pool

5-7pm Combo #1, Sumo Suits

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