December 2014 Events Booked

Dec.6th 2014
1-3pm Disney Princess

2-4pm Lions Den/Big I Dry Highland Church of Christ 

3-5pmClyde Gigantic Yellow Dry

Dec.7th 2014
2-5pm Combo #1 Daniels Rec. Center

3-5pm Big I Dry Wylie Jr. High Gym

1-7pm Tuscola Mega Monkeys Jungle

Dec.13th 2014
930am-1130am Gigantic Yellow Dry South Side Baptist Church

12-2pm Big I Dry/7 element/JoustActionZone 

1230-430pm Disney Princess 

1-4pm Combo #1 Church of The Nazarene

4-8pm Combo #2

530-830pm Birthday Cake Auther Sears Gym

Dec.14th 2014
1230-230pm Big I Dry

2-5pm Anson Combo #1

Dec.17th 2014
6-9pm Sumo SuitsTrinity Baptist Church

Dec.20th 2014
2-4pm LawnCombo #2 Lawn Baptist Church

Dec.27th 2014
330-730pm Toddlers Lions Den/Combo #1 
Author Sears Gym

Dec.31st 2014
10pm-4am SweetwaterJoust/SportsPack/Sumo 
Emmanuel Fellowship Church

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