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         April 2014 Events Booked
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April 11th 2014
9pm-11pm 7 element/Joust Life Church 

April 12th 2014 Fully Booked

10am-12pm Mega Monkey's Jungle

11-1pm Disney Princess Classic Touch Stables

12-2pm Dolphin w/pool

1-4pm Gigantic Yellow wet

1-3pm Toddler Lions Den/ Toddlers Train

2-4pm Disney Princess Palace

3-5pm Potosi Gigantic Slip n slide

4-6pm Castle combo #2

April 13th 2014 Only 1 Spots Left

1115-115pm Toddler Lions/Monkeys Jungle/Castle Combo/7 element/Joust Radiant Life Church

1-3pm Hamby Castle Combo #2

130-430 Wizard

2-5pm Disney Princess GV Daniels Rec Center

230-430pm Clyde Toddlers Train

3-6pm Sweetwater Gigantic O'course Newman Park
                   Booked Online Deposit Paid

April 14th 2014
11am-2pm Basketball game/7 element/Lions den

April 17th 2014
6-8pm Mega Triceratops/Big I Wisteria Place

April 18th 2014
12-4pm Cisco 7 Element/Castle combo #2 
Assembly of Yahweh

April 19th 2014 Fully Booked

12-3pm Mega Birthday cake

1230-230pm Castle Combo #1

1-3pm Disney Princess Palace

1-3pm Castle Combo #2

2-4pm Mega Lady Bug

3-5pm Anson Park Gigantic O'course

4-6pm Big I dry/7 element/Sports/Joust 
Jane Long Elem.

5-7pm Gigantic Yellow wet

April 20th 2014
1-4pm Gigantic Yellow wet

130-530pm Mega Triceratops

2-6pm Castle combo #2

3-5pm Monkeys Jungle

April 24th 2014
5-8pm Roby 7 element/Sports

April 25th 2014
5-7pm Castle Combo #2 Adventure Playground Nelson

April 26th 2014 Only 1 Slots Left

1230-230pm Big I dry

1-3pm Castle Combo #1

2-5pm Castle Combo #2

130-330pm Gigantic Yellow

230-430pm Gigantic O'course/Sports Pack
Booked Online Deposit Paid

3-6pm Mega Birthday cake

430-630pm Toddlers Lions Den

530-8pm 7 element o'course Festival Gardens
Big Brothers Big Sisters

April 27th 2014

4-6pm Dolphin Slide w/pool

April 30th 2014
Closed Boston, MA
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