August 2014 Events Booked
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August 2nd 2014

1130-130pm Clyde Ocean Blue w/pool

12-2pm  Gigantic Yellow

3-7pm Gigantic Yellow

330-530pm Disney Princess Author Sears Park

August 3rd 2014

August 4th 2014

8-11pm Moran 7 Element/Sumo Suits/Sports

August 9th 2014
4-7pm Winters Gigantic Yellow

August 10th 2014
330-530pm  Combo #1 Chavez Rec. Center 

August 15th 2014
6-8pmTye Gigantic Yellow/ Gigantic Slip n Slide Rister Park

August 16th 2014
10-12pm Gigantic Yellow

3-6pm Stamford Gigantic Yellow

August 17th 2014
5-7pm Gigantic Yellow/ Gigantic Slip n Slide
WestGate Church of Christ

5-7pm Combo #2 Festival Gardens

August 20th 2014
6-8pm 7 Element/Combo #1 Trinity Baptist Church

August 23rd 2014
2-4pm Dyess AFB Gigantic Yellow

5-7pm Gigantic Yellow

August 27th 2014
6-8pm Albany Gigantic O'course,Sumo Suits, Joust, Big I Dry Bank Park
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