August 2015 Events Booked

August 1st 2015
11-1pm Gigantic Slip N Slide Swenson House

2-4pm Rainbow Slip N Slide 

230-5pm Gigantic Yellow slide w/pool

August 8th 2015
2-6pm Gigantic Yellow Slide w/ pool

230-530pm Gigantic Slip N Slide

August 11th 2015
1130-130pm Roby Ocean Blue Slide w/pool 
The Hub Youth Center

August 14th 2015
6-8pm Tye Gigantic Yellow slide w/pool & Gigantic SlipnSlide City of Tye

August 15th 2015
515-715pm Combo #2 /Generator

August 16th 2015

5-8pm Gigantic Yellow Slide w/pool

August 18th 2015
5-7pm Big I Dry Slide & Mega Monkey's Jungle ACU

6-9pm 7 Element O'course Ben Richey Boy's Ranch

August 19th 2015
9-11pm Jousting Arena HSU

August 22nd 2015
1130-330pm 7 Element O'course/Mega SportsFestival Gardens

2-4pm Gigantic Yellow slide w/pool 

5-7pm Gigantic Yellow slide w/pool

August 23rd 2015
2-4pm Anson Gigantic Slide w/pool

August 29th 2015
10-12pm Gigantic Yellow Slide w/pool

2-4pm Hamlin Gigantic Yellow Slide w/Pool

730-1030pm Roby 7 Element O'course The Hub Youth Center
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